10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website?

Today, more than 4.4 billion people use their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to search for information on the Internet, visit a website, or make a purchase. People are increasingly leaving the computer and the laptop behind because they still have their mobile device at their fingertips. That's why your business must needs a responsive website. In fact, your website design must adapt to all platforms: computer screen, tablet and mobile. You want to create a consistent and optimized experience for the customer, no matter what device they use.

A regular fixed width website is not enough anymore. Unfortunately, there are still companies that have non responsive website. If you have competition in your field or your business needs to exist online to generate revenue.

Responsive Website

Here are 10 reasons that will convince you that there is still time for you to take action!

Reason # 1: Responsive Website is Recommended by Google

Google is now defining a responsive website as the best practice for optimizing the user experience of mobile users and reaching this target audience. Google is going to favor a mobile friendly website in its search engines if the search is done on a mobile device. This is especially true for a local search.

When you know that Google has a 90% market share. it's critical to understand the full impact of responsive web design on growing your business.

Reason # 2: One site, multiple devices

Delivering an enjoyable user experience across multiple platforms and screen sizes is the most appealing and critical aspect of responsive web design for today's mobile world. For example, if you are looking for a birthday present on your cell phone at work, then you continue searching on the same site on your home computer. when the site has responsive web design you will not have to redo the already completed steps of product research. A responsive website really makes life easier and your customers will thank you for it!

Reason # 3: Responsive Website is Easier to manage

Having a website and a mobile site requires having two Google AdWords campaigns, two SEO campaigns and separate reports from Google Analytics. which becomes very complicated to manage. Managing a single site is much easier than managing two sites.

Reason # 4: Positive User Experience

When mobile users arrive at a website that is not mobile friendly website, they tend to leave this site and a business opportunity is missed. In fact, if a user lands on your mobile site and is frustrated because it is difficult to navigate. According to Google Think Insights on Mobile, there is a 61% chance that he will leave to go to another website. On the other hand, the data shows that a positive experience on a responsive web design makes the user 67% more likely to buy a product or service. It would be very beneficial to upgrade your site to fit the mobile.

Reason # 5: The Importance of Your Web Presence

If you have incorporated a business blog and a social media strategy into your Internet marketing campaign, you have probably seen a significant increase in your mobile traffic. A recent study by ComScore shows that 55% of social media consumption (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) happens on a mobile device. By being active on social media and adding links to your mobile friendly website, you will see more activity in the form of visitors and buyers. And if your links are shared, your site is guaranteed to get a higher ranking in the search engines!

A responsive website can help you to deliver the user experience that will make your brand stand out from all the rest.
Reason # 6: Responsive Web Design is Best for SEO

In general, mobile friendly websites work better and are easier to maintain. If you decide to create a separate mobile website. Be aware that you will need to build the domain authority and reputation of this site from scratch. Who wants to give himself this trouble? It is much easier and more cost effective to upgrade your existing platform so that your web design is adaptive to mobile platforms. This will keep your existing traffic and the domain name you already have.

Reason # 7: Conviviality: A “must" for small businesses!

Most people use their smartphone several times a day to browse the Internet. This routine inevitably leads to a decline in the use of the Internet on desktops. More than 90% of mobile users are looking for local businesses on their phones. These mobile users invariably contact the company they have been looking for in the next 24 hours. Therefore, if your business website is user-friendly, that is, adaptive, you will increase your sales opportunities.

Reason # 8: V for speed

Content per page on a mobile device or tablet should load within 1 or 2 seconds per Google Page Speed ​​Developers standards . Your visitors are busy people and if the site takes too long to load, they will not wait. They will click off the site and visit your competitor instead.

Reason # 9: Cybercommerce and now M-Commerce

For the last five years, the most important growth factor for e-commerce is M-commerce. In other words, the use of portable devices to make online purchases. It accounts for 74% of the growth of online commerce. Professionals believe in mobility and this new impetus that will increase online commerce in the coming years.

This dramatic expansion has prompted small businesses to reorganize their corporate websites. You too could benefit from this increase in M-Commerce and convert mobile users to loyal customers.

Reason # 10: Simple and inexpensive

Setting up a mobile friendly website for your business does not have to be expensive. Like any new technology, the prices of the beginning have dropped a lot today. You can now have a dynamic and fluid design without having to make a big hole in your budget. In many cases, you will not even have to start your site from scratch again. Your developer is fully qualified to explain what are the best options available to you.
The future is mobile!

As you can see, having a responsive website is an indispensable tool for your online marketing campaigns. Because the use of mobile devices will exceed actual office use over the next 12 months. Your business should not miss the opportunity to generate additional sales.

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